Why Wheel Alignment Matters for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is composed of several hundred parts, but none may be more significant than its wheels. However, knowing when to service your car’s wheels can be a challenging thing to understand, let alone handle. In this article, we’ll examine what precisely a wheel alignment is and why it matters for your car, truck, or SUV.

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What Is a Wheel Alignment?

The shocks and strutus, and various steering and suspension components in your vehicle are responsible for many things, such as safe driving and absorbing the impact of the various bumps on the road. With time, however, several things can cause the wheels to become misaligned, and consequently, creates several different issues inside your car, truck, or SUV. During an alignment service, our technicians will look at three crucial components:


The camber refers to the tire’s inward or outward tilt. Negative camber describes the inward tilt of a tire, while positive camber describes an outward tilt of the tire. Both of these instances can significantly influence the tire-to-road contact, in addition to how the vehicle maneuvers around turns. 


Toe orientation refers to the connection between a tire’s front and rear end. When the tires are angled inward, it’s referred to as a toe-in orientation, whereas an external tilt is known as a toe-out alignment. Either example requires an adjustment.


Caster refers to the angle of the steering axis and is what assists the vehicle in steering, stability, and turning corners. In the instance of a positive caster, the steering wheel is tilted toward the motorist, while a negative caster denotes the steering axis leaning toward the front of the car. 

Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

Improper alignment not only contributes to poor vehicle performance but also decreases vehicle stability and handling. Misalignment may also cause your vehicle to have a tough time driving straight and radically lower the lifespan of your tires. Furthermore, having correctly aligned wheels are among the best things you can do to help protect your tires and stop them from wearing out more quickly than they had been designed to.

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