Wheel Alignment in Raleigh, NC

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Wheel Alignment Service

Is your vehicle drifting in one direction or difficult to control? It might have an issue with the wheel alignment. A&J Automotive is a fully-equipped auto repair facility in Raleigh, North Carolina. We use the industry’s top tools and employ Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians to provide high-quality and reliable maintenance services for all makes and models. Something as small as a pothole could throw off your vehicle’s wheel alignment — it’s perfectly designed stance on the road. Your manufacturer set each wheel at exact angles to maximize performance, handling, and efficiency, but over time your steering may fall out of it’s ideal alignment. That’s when you need to visit our qualified professionals alignment services and get your car back to running at its best.

Protect Performance, Handling, & Efficiency

When your wheels fall out of alignment, it’s a quick trip downhill to weakened performance, poor fuel economy, worn out tires, and unsafe steering. Have you ever tried running around with your toes splayed outwards and your feet facing different directions? Go ahead and try it. Aside from feeling silly, you probably feel very uncoordinated with your feet facing the wrong direction. It’s also very bad for your knees! Think of your vehicle’s wheels in the same way. If even one of the four isn’t lined up perfectly straight, it meets the road at an odd angle and pulls the car in a different direction, fighting you for every mile. You’ll feel this in your steering wheel and even your wallet if you let the problem persist! Of course, having wheels pulling in different directions isn’t the most efficient way to drive and that means more frequent fill-ups. In severe cases, it will feel like you’re battling your car to stay on the road. Poor vehicle alignment also causes uneven and rapid tire wear — another unexpected hit to your budget!

The key to protecting your vehicle’s performance, handling, and efficiency (and therefore your wallet!) is regular alignment service at A&J Automotive. We keep your car in top condition!

Smooth Driving Ahead!

At your next service, ask for wheel alignment to ensure smooth driving for the road ahead. Our technicians will be more than happy to take measures that protect your vehicle’s long-term health. Wheel alignment keeps every part in its place to ensure there’s no extra strain on your vehicle’s engine or other parts. Think it’s time to see a professional? Schedule maintenance service at our shop today by calling (919) 431-9595 or using our convenient online scheduling tool. We are located 5001 Departure Drive just off of E. Millbrook Road. We can’t wait to see you!