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VW Diesel Engine Diagnostics

AJ Automotive in Raleigh, NC, is a huge part of what keeps the VWs and Audis on our highways in working order. We provide female-friendly and affordable service that keeps our customers loyal and happy. While we are experts in the full range of auto-related services, we specialize in the maintenance and service of VWs and Audis. We have been in business since 1993 and have gained many happy, repeat clients.

Our specialized service of Audis and VWs means we will only replace parts with genuine factory OEM parts. Our mechanics are certified and trained to work on these car models, and have extensive experience. All of the work we do comes with a warranty. We offer regular inspections that meet NC car inspection regulations. We will also use the state-of-the-art factory scan tool VAS 5054A/6150A on your Audi or VW. This tool was specifically designed for these two types of autos. We can fix or replace brake parts, ACs, car lights and everything else. We also do services like changing the oil, changing transmission fluid, adding wiper fluid and more.

We will set up scheduled maintenance appointments and remind you when you need to have your German automobile serviced so that you are never surprised with a car issue. We may even be able to go as far as picking up your vehicle, taking it in for service, and returning it to you. We also offer roadside assistance.

Full Service to All Models

We service all models including all Audi A1 and A2 models as well as Audi Coupe GT, Audi Avantissimo, Allroad, Rosemeyer, Roadjet, etc. We can service the whole lineup of VWs too from the sporty models, such as the Beetle Convertible and Eos to cars like the Golf Sportswagon, Tiguan, Tuareg, Beetle, CC, Passat and Jetta. We can also service older models of both VWs and Audis. Come see us today for licensed service of your favorite German car.

We operate like most auto mechanic shops, but there are a few things that set us apart. For one, we understand how sometimes cars are considered more of a “guys” thing, but we make sure to listen to the women who bring their cars in for servicing. They are the owners of the vehicle, and their opinions about the problem will always be considered. Our goal is to build a rapport and trust-factor with customers that allows us to get to the truth much faster.

Schedule Your Audi / VW Service Appointment

If your vehicle’s repair is extensive, we will loan you a car while yours is being fixed. Put your mind at ease. You can drop off your vehicle anytime, even after hours if it’s convenient. Our lounge has been designed with kids in mind so they feel content to wait as long as necessary for us to finish your repairs. Free high-speed WiFi will make time fly and it allows you to get some things done while waiting for your vehicle to being serviced. To schedule an appointment, call A&J Automotive today at (919) 431-9595!