Signs You Need Wheel Alignment

What To Do When Your Vehicle Isn’t Tracking Straight

A common maintenance task that is easy to forget is wheel alignment. If you find yourself struggling to keep your vehicle moving in a straight line or wearing through tires quickly, it may be time to have your wheels aligned. Find out how you can receive professional alignment services in Raleigh and schedule a service today if you experience one or more of these signs.

Uneven Tire Wear

A great maintenance step to keep your vehicle operating safely and efficiently is routine tire inspection. As you’re checking your tire treads, look for uneven signs of wear. Ideally, your tires should have wear patterns that are roughly consistent across the entire tread. If the inside or outside of your tread pattern has more wear, your wheels may be out of alignment. When a small portion of your tread is experiencing more wear, it can dramatically reduce the lifespan of your tires and reduce your overall traction.

Unusual Pulling

As you drive, pay attention to how your car handles. If you’re on a straight, smooth road, your vehicle should generally head in a straight direction. Slight pulling to one side may be unavoidable, but significant pulling is a sign that your wheels are out of alignment. Not only is this an uncomfortable way to drive, it can lead to an accident in poor driving conditions. A similar issue is when your steering wheel isn’t aligned with your wheels. It would help if you were holding your wheel in a centered position to drive straight down the road. If you need to maintain your steering wheel to one side to drive straight, it’s time to stop by your favorite Raleigh auto shop.

Squealing Tires

This is the trickiest sign of improper wheel alignment. Typically, squealing sounds from your vehicle are associated with worn-out brake pads. However, if your tires themselves are squealing, it may be an alignment issue.

Receive Professional Wheel Alignment Services in Raleigh

Discovering a wheel alignment issue can be tricky. Thankfully, restoring proper alignment is convenient and affordable. Stop by A & J Automotive in Raleigh, NC. Schedule a service today to enjoy alignment services and other routine maintenance steps by a qualified team of professionals. Enjoy full-service repairs and maintenance from your leading local auto repair shop.

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