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When buying a used, demo, or previously owned vehicle, there is no substitute for the peace of mind that comes from an expert pre-purchase inspection. An inspection will provide an experienced, professional view of the vehicle to determine its overall appearance and condition. After a thorough, independent third-party visual review, customers get a written report of the overall condition and quality of the vehicle. It covers the basics and confirms the important items and features both inside and out. Based on an unbiased visual assessment, customers can make a more informed purchase decision.

Interior & Exterior Inspections

The inspection will include all of the vehicles listed options and equipment, and it will note visible damage, signs of repair, the appearance and condition of the paint and finish. The interior includes the seats, upholstery and the listed equipment such as airbags, sound systems, security, and power accessories like windows and locks. The exterior examines for rust, damage, and evidence of poor repairs. The inspection includes the condition of the headlights, wipers, and hood and trunk latches.

Engine, Mechanical & Electrical System Diagnoses

A visual inspection will confirm and indicate the condition of major parts, battery, belts, hoses and connections, engine maintenance, and fluids. The inspection will confirm the engine size, cylinders, and any indicated parts and options such as air conditioning and power-assisted functions. It will confirm the critical engine coolant and oils levels and search for leaks and sign of odometer tampering.

Tires and Wheels

The pre-purchase inspection examines the wheels for signs of wear or damage. The inspection checks tire tread for traction, safety, and depth. Tire replacement is expensive, and one should know the condition of tires before purchasing the vehicle or if your wheels are out of alignment.

Pre-purchase Inspection Report

The pre-purchase report will rate the overall condition of the vehicle and provide a checklist of the items reviewed. The decision to buy is easier with an expert inspection of the operating condition, critical parts and signs of problems. The report is objective, as the experts have no interest in the sale or purchase; their top priority is to provide an accurate report on the vehicle to our customer.

Benefits of a Pre-purchase Inspection

When considering a used vehicle, the buyer must make sure of the basics. It is vital to know that the Vehicle Identification Number, odometer, and model are all correct. One must confirm the engine size, equipment, and all listed features. The best time to know about visible mechanical and structural issues is before rather than after the purchase. Armed with a detailed report of a careful visual inspection, our customers can go forward with greater confidence. Contact us today for a free estimate with Raleigh’s best pre-purchase inspection services.