Nanotechnology and how it could impact the auto industry.

An Exciting New Technology

Many experts predict that an exciting new technology will make a permanent impact on the automotive industry. The emerging field of nanotechnology has already begun changing auto manufacturing and detailing.


Nanotechnology deals with the science of innovations in the realm of the very small. Even visualizing a nanometer requires some imagination. This distance measures only one billionth of a meter, an incredibly tiny span.

Yet ongoing research and development in the nanotechnology area promises to significantly improve many materials that consumers use in daily life. The advances in this field will likely impact the automotive sector during coming decade. Nanotechnology already affects two processes involving the auto industry: manufacturing and detailing.


Different types of metals weld together better than others. For the past few decades, automakers in many places have combined welding techniques with the use of very strong glues to help hold certain parts together tightly in their vehicles. Some auto components made from different materials adhere better because of this innovation, for instance.

Recently, scientists developed procedures for strengthening industrial adhesives through the addition of carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles of iron oxide. The resulting material helps bond metallic surfaces to plastic. This process offers a very secure attachment. Lightweight, durable adhesives currently contribute to manufacturing.


In recent years, many manufacturers have also worked to develop coatings and paints for automobiles and auto tires that resist dirt at a microscopic level. These new materials help vehicles withstand the impact of dust, rain and mud. Wiping a vehicle coated in these substances with a clean cloth will remove most sticky materials easily. Although not yet in universal use, the new generation of automotive coatings promise to make maintaining a shiny exterior easier.

The advent of nanotechnology-based coatings will likely assist auto manufacturers in producing vehicles which retain paint colors better for longer periods of time, too. New cars may also eventually become highly dent and scratch resistant as a result of nanotechnology research. This situation will please drivers concerned about maintaining the attractive shine of a glossy new vehicle.

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Written by A & J Automotive