Monitoring Significant Automotive Industry Trends

The Influential Automotive Industry

Today, the global automotive industry has reached significant proportions, with some 73.9 million vehicles sold around the world in 2015 alone. In the United States, this sector of the economy remains very large. Automakers produced around 8 million vehicles annually in the USA between 2008 and 2012. Towards the end of 2012, some 786,000 workers in the USA held jobs in auto manufacturing or related auto component production firms, for instance.

Many companies strive to monitor new developments in the automotive industry. Since vehicles play such an important role in transportation, trends in this market impact many other businesses in the national and global economies.

  • Global automotive market hit million unit sales with United States, one of the key markets clocking in million unit sales.
  • The Elephant runs and the Dragon stumbles. China began flattening out with growth of around %, its slowest pace since 2012. India was the lone star among emerging economies, with strong growth of about %.
  • Digital retailing of parts, service, and vehicles accelerated. BMW, Renault, and Volvo joined the online sales bandwagon.
  • The Volkswagen Group’s Dieselgate emissions scandal shook the automotive industry, leading to a greater focus on compliance with OEMs establishing new/independent compliance divisions.
  • California drew up the first legislation that defines commercialization of autonomous vehicles. Three or other states are expected to follow over the next few years.

Source: PR Newswire Association LLC

Conferences And Trade Shows

Many automotive industry leaders sponsor or participate in conferences and trade shows. These events highlight important developments that will influence automotive buyers. Trade shows sometimes offer the first opportunity for manufacturers to showcase new technology for public inspection.

For example, between March 31st and April 3rd of 2016, the influential National Automotive Dealers Association Convention and Exposition occurs in Las Vegas. NADA’s membership includes many automobile dealerships around the nation. The gathering will include seminar presentations by industry leaders about issues of concern to automobile marketers. This year, featured speakers will discuss a variety of issues, ranging from more effective advertising strategies to breaches of data security at auto dealerships by hackers.

Some Upcoming Industry Trade Shows

Many automotive industry events focus upon specialized areas. For example, some other upcoming industry events include:

Industry gatherings allow businesses to network. Participants learn about available products, suppliers, exciting new research and industry trends at these types of shows.

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