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Hyundai and Kia stand for modernity. Well-designed family cars helped the two Korean automakers gain acceptance with American buyers, backed by a first-rate warranty. The two related companies share several powertrains while retaining unique touches that make their vehicles fit for several roles. From the smooth-riding Kia K900, sometimes referred to as the Lexus LS of this era, to the monster V-8 Genesis Coupe from Hyundai, these cars may be overlooked by some performance enthusiasts. That need not be the case.

Hyundai control arms, ball joints and struts are built to withstand a beating, not leave competitors in the dust. But in some cases, those same parts backed by a 10-year, 100,000-mile warranty can and do wear out, leaving owners in need of trustworthy repair services from highly-qualified technicians that understand the South Korean auto market and just how high these vehicles’ potential can go.

It would be a disservice to forget what Hyundai and Kia made their names for when entering the United States market, and that is making economical commuter cars. This is still the case, as both naturally aspirated and turbocharged engines with gasoline direct injection (GDI) make the most of precious fuel while featuring the technology to help their owners if they become stranded. BlueLink tech and Kia’s valuable advanced safety features often do not come as part of an extra-cost package, allowing more owners to afford a part of advancing automotive safety and reliability.

Ask one of our online, telephone or in-person specialists if you have any questions regarding your vehicle or its capabilities, or if you just need an oil change and don’t have time to do it yourself. We are here to help. A simple online appointment system helps us provide you with the best service we can with diagnosing and treating shimmies, wheel alignment corrections, worn-out struts and shock absorbers, or even solid-axle suspension systems. We help you take care of a car that has been engineered to serve you well for years to come. We are fully accredited to handle Hyundai and Kia maintenance and repair work under warranty and can even assist you with the paperwork. Thank you for considering A&J Automotive.

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