How to Know If Your Transmission Is in Trouble


In A Clutch, You Can Count On A&J Automotive for Transmission Repair

What Does a Transmission Do?

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic transmission, its job is the same. To take power from the engine and deliver it to the wheels to maintain a designated speed. It’s a complex system, and if any of the components aren’t working properly, it can lead to problems that cost you time and money. A proper maintenance program is the best way to avoid a transmission issue. By knowing the signs of a transmission problem, you can take the proper steps to schedule a transmission repair quickly. Fortunately, the expert team at A&J Automotive has compiled a list to help you out.

Six Symptoms of a Transmission Problem

Slipping Out of Gear

Also referred to as transmission slipping, it may be annoying at first, but it could lead to a more costly transmission repair if left alone. Signs to look for include slow, weak, or delayed acceleration, no reverse, burning smell, grinding or strange noises, hard shifting, or the check engine light illuminates.

Transmission Won’t Stay in Gear

If your vehicle doesn’t move when putting it in gear, it may be an indication of low transmission fluid due to a leak or a problem with the shifter. Having a professional diagnostic can identify the exact trouble code.

Grinding Your Gears

Grinding gears is more common in manual transmissions and happens when the speed of your wheels and engine are not on the same page.

A Burning Smell

A transmission fluid leak or low fluid can cause a burning clutch smell. Catching a leak quickly is the key to saving your transmission from more extensive damage. Check your transmission dipstick per the manufacturer’s direction or visit your local repair shop for help.

Puddle of Transmission Fluid Under Your Car

A transmission is sealed and should never leak. If you spot a puddle of bright red fluid, you may have a transmission fluid leak from a gasket or seal or one of the cooler lines. The fluid may also be dark red or brown due to age. This is bad for the transmission but can also be dangerous if it leaks onto a hot surface. Time to visit the transmission repair shop!

Check Engine Light Is On

There are many reasons your check engine light comes on, including problems with the transmission. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above, it’s time to visit a transmission repair specialist for a diagnostic check.

Time For a Transmission Fix

Transmission services can be complicated and costly. At A&J Automotive, we’re delivering five-star transmission repair and service to drivers in Raleigh, North Carolina, at a reasonable price. Our certified technicians work on all vehicle makes and models and have the experience and equipment to complete a transmission rebuild or replacement as well as transmission repair and maintenance services. Call us today to schedule an inspection!

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