How Engine Lubrication Protects Your Vehicle

Today consumers face a dizzying array of automotive products designed to help maintain engines in great condition. Remembering to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle remains one of the easiest, yet most basic, ways to help extend the lifespan of an engine.

Engine  of Internal combustion on white

Engine of Internal combustion

Why Engines Require Regular Oil

Owners usually realize that they must regularly add oil to the car in order to help keep the engine functioning. Many service stations and automotive centers will perform this task regularly for car owners who have difficulty accessing or removing the engine oil cap. In addition, at designated intervals, vehicles requiring a greasing and oiling in order to keep them running smoothly. (Triangle Car Care offers regular automotive maintenance to customers throughout the Raleigh, North Carolina area, so we perform both these services upon request.)

Why do automotive engines require this type of regular service? You’ve probably noticed that engine oil contains a smooth texture with a viscosity somewhat similar to honey. Automotive oils flow across surfaces more slowly than water or soda pop, for instance. This physical property helps the oil function as a lubricant when mechanical parts inside the machinery rub together.

Lubricating Automotive Engines

As an engine operates, it generates considerable heat. If you’ve ever touched the hood of your car after a long drive, you appreciate that it feels much warmer after extended operation. A poor quality water-based lubrication material in the engine would simply evaporate in this mechanical environment.

High quality engine oils continue providing lubrication to the engine, even as temperatures rise. This process helps minimize the wear and tear experienced by some sensitive engine components. Eventually, of course, even high quality oil dries and becomes gummy with dirt and debris. Without the benefit of adequate levels of oil, the engine simply won’t operate as efficiently. For this reason, owners should follow the directions in the operator’s manual and make sure that they keep automotive oil levels within recommended ranges.

Using Correct Products

Today, many manufacturers indicate the correct oil type to use in both the owner’s manual and visibly on the oil cap itself. If in doubt, check with your mechanic about this issue. Different engines require different specific weights of oil for optimal performance. Additionally, some manufacturers have recently developed some exciting new high tech oils that reportedly help lubricate aging engines more effectively.

If you have questions about keeping your vehicle well maintained and properly greased and oiled, Triangle Car Car offers regular service for customers in the Raleigh area. We follow new developments in the automotive industry closely. Our technicians will try to answer any questions you have about the steps you should take to maintain the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine.

Written by A & J Automotive