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Honda and its luxury sibling Acura, are two of the most popular car makes in the United States. Beyond affordability for Honda and as a mainstream car and affordability for Acura as a luxury car, both are very reliable, great on gas and tend to be more affordable to fix or maintain when the time comes. If proper maintenance is performed on both Honda and Acura vehicles, they can last for more than a couple of decades. While there are plenty of Honda and Acura maintenance shops in the Raleigh are, A&J Automotive employs highly trained repair and maintenance technicians that aim to provide the highest quality of service for affordable prices.

Similar to other car makes, it’s important to maintain Hondas and Acuras properly in order to avoid mechanical problems down the road. Taking it into the shop for regular inspections of the coolant system, engine, pumps, belts, electrical systems and more can help prevent the necessity for emergency repairs should a breakdown occur while you’re driving on the highway.

While both Hondas and Acuras are highly reliable vehicles, both still experience common problems that our technicians can fix efficiently and for a low price. Automatic transmission issues are common for both makes. While the transmission won’t completely stop working, owners have noticed that the transmissions on older model Acuras and Hondas will occasionally slip between gears. Acuras have also experienced problems with airbags, an issue that is currently being fixed by recall notices.

Whether you experience these common issues or something else occurs, the technicians at A&J Automotive know how to complete the repairs fast. The sooner you bring in your car for inspection and repairs, the sooner you can have peace of mind about driving your Honda or Acura back and forth to work.

From the Acura TL, RSX, MDX and RL to the Honda Fit, Civic, Accord, Pilot and CRV, A&J Automotive technicians know how to diagnose and fix any problem that comes their way. When you bring in your vehicle they’ll give you an honest opinion about what needs to be done to get you safely back on the road, and will offer advice on how to avoid these problems in the future.