Handling the Check Engine Light

Things You Need to Do

Due to its vague nature, the check engine light is one of the biggest stress-inducing vehicle warnings we can get while driving. When this warning signal goes off, it’s important to understand the appropriate steps needed to ensure your vehicle sustains the least amount of damage possible. These practical steps, recommended by the automotive professionals at A & J Automotive, will ensure that your vehicle is properly functioning when you visit our shop. Here’s what you need to do when you see the check engine light turn on!

Understand the Severity

When the check engine light turns on, first recognize how the light is shining. Is it a yellow, consistent light? Or is it a red, blinking light? If it’s the former, that means something minor has happened to your vehicle and it will need auto service at your earliest convenience. If it is the latter, that means a major problem is occurring with your vehicle and it needs auto care as soon as possible. If you continue to drive with the latter, you could cause further damage to your vehicle and ultimately experience vehicle failure!

Try to Determine the Problem

If the light is not blinking, do your best to determine the problem. The first thing you need to check is the gas cap. Make sure that it’s tightened or replaced and drive for a little bit. If it is the cause, the light should turn off. If it isn’t the cause, there is a bigger problem at hand. One of the easier ways to determine a problem is by utilizing an OBD II Scanner. This tool reads the codes sent by your computer system and translates them for you. These tools can be a bit pricey depending on what you get, but should quickly inform you of what the problem is. The only other accurate way is to visit our shop. We’ll utilize not only an OBD II scanner but our experience to accurately determine the cause of the check engine light.

Visit Our Shop

To avoid any further damage, it’s best to have your vehicle serviced as quickly as possible (especially if the light is blinking). Unless the cause of the check engine light is a loose gas cap, you will be better off having your vehicle serviced by the automotive professionals at A & J Automotive. Our ASE Certifed technicians will work with you to handle any issue your vehicle may have, whether it’s a worn spark plug or an old battery. Give us a call at 919-439-6495 or use our convenient online scheduling system to book your next engine light visit with us!

Written by A & J Automotive

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