Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation on The Horizon

Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation on The Horizon

Seeking Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation

For several decades, automotive designers have worked hard to develop vehicles offering greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It appears that 2016 will likely witness the arrival of many of these new, innovative automobiles on the market.

Hybrid PHEV Automobiles

This year, the hybrid Chevy Volt turns five. It has made significant inroads into the auto market in the USA as a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (“PHEV”), capable of using either electricity or fossil fuel for power. Hybrid electric vehicles rely primarily on battery power, but they can operate using a conventional combustion engine, too. The concept of a hybrid car appeals to many drivers seeking to reduce vehicle emissions. The 2016 Volt can achieve an impressive 53-miles range before requiring recharging.

This year, several other manufacturers plan to market plug-in electric hybrid vehicles. Automobiles as diverse as the Mercedes-Benz GLE 550e and the Volvo S90 PHEV have created considerable interest among consumers. As a growing number of automakers permit customers to essentially customize vehicles by selecting from a range of potential available options and upgrades, more buyers gain access to tailored hybrid vehicles.

Combustion Engine Three Wheeled Vehicles

Currently, the much-anticipated three wheeled vehicle from a new American auto manufacturer in Texas, Elio Motors, appears likely to go into production by the end of this year, also. The company used crowdfunding to obtain capital.

The three-wheeled Elio displays incredible fuel economy: it can achieve 84 miles per gallon, more than hybrid competitors. Priced at under $7,000, this compact two-person vehicle offers a more affordable option for consumers than many alternatives. The Elio somewhat resembles a cross between a motorcycle and an automobile.

Innovative Technologies

Other innovative fuel-efficient vehicle designs may reach the market eventually. An annual competition in Asia to create highly fuel-efficient automobiles, the Shell Eco-Marathon, allows designers to vie for the distinction of creating a vehicle capable of traveling the furthest on a single liter of fuel. The competition will occur later this year in Manila. Last year, two student teams from Vietnam won first and second prizes in the event.

Caring For Your Vehicle

Whether you drive or a three- or four-wheeled auto, or a hybrid PHEV, regular mechanical attention helps keep engines running smoothly throughout the year. A & J Automotive provides comprehensive automotive services. Simply call 919-431-9595 to schedule routine inspection and maintenance.

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