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How the Cooling System Works

The cooling system is an integral part of your vehicle. With all of the work and internal combustion of your engine, it’s important that the cooling system is able to keep it at the normal operating temperature to ensure that no damage is caused. When your vehicle overheats, it can damage your engine and lead to costly repairs or an entire engine replacement. If you’re having issues with your cooling system or need maintenance done, let A&J Automotive do the job for you.

Your cooling system runs off coolant, which flows throughout the system to keep your engine and other parts cool. There are a variety of parts that make this possible. You have coolant hoses that are the passageway for coolant to flow from one part of the vehicle to another. There’s a heater core that runs inside of the vehicle to operate the heater on cold days. Then, there is the radiator, water pump and the thermostat, which are some of the most important parts of the cooling system that can often have issues.

Radiator and Water Pump Repairs & Replacement Service

The thermostat is a small part that’s designed to monitor the temperature of the vehicle and release coolant throughout the system by opening and closing. When the thermostat is stuck, it can lead to overheating issues. The water pump’s responsibility is to help the flow of the coolant to the engine block. When the coolant is running throughout your vehicle, it can get pretty hot, so the radiator’s job is to bring the coolant down to a lower temperature as it passes through.

Diagnostic and Repair

There’s more parts involved with the cooling system, like the head gaskets, so you need a qualified technician who knows what to look for when your vehicle is overheating. We have all of the equipment necessary to properly diagnose the cooling systems on virtually any make and model. We want you to rest assured that we fixed it right the first time so you don’t have more problems with your cooling system in the future.

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One of the best ways to make sure you don’t have a problem with your cooling system is to have your vehicle’s coolant replaced regularly. At A&J Automotive, we’ll let you know when your coolant needs to be changed and can do the work right here at the shop. Give us a call today at (919) 431-9595 to schedule your Cooling System Repairs. Save some time by using our convenient online scheduling system to make an appointment. Next time you’re in the area, go ahead and stop by. We gladly welcome all of our walk-ins!