Car Inspection in Raleigh, NC

We Perform State Inspections -- A&J Automotive

A&J Automotive is your approved station in Raleigh, North Carolina for vehicle safety and emissions inspections. Visit us before renewing your registration to ensure your vehicle meets state standards! We also perform pre-purchase inspections.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

Want to know more about a vehicle you plan to purchase? Contact our shop for help! Smart buyers want to make sure they’re getting a good deal and what they are promised. A pre-purchase inspection at A&J Automotive covers all parts of a vehicle including the body, tires, engine, transmission, steering, and suspension to ensure everything is in good shape. Our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians are auto experts, which means if there is anything amiss with any kind of vehicle, they’ll spot it. We give drivers the full report on the condition of a vehicle from the major parts to the tiniest details. Get in touch with one of our staff members for further information on our pre-purchase inspections.

Vehicle Emissions Inspections

North Carolina state law requires drivers to complete a smog check when renewing their vehicle registration. Some vehicles are exempt from emissions testing, including those that are being registered for the first time. Be sure to check with the North Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if an emissions inspection is required for your vehicle and when you’ll need to get one. Once you’ve figured that out, schedule your inspection with A&J Automotive in Raleigh, North Carolina! Our ASE Certified technicians are emissions repair experts. If anything is out of order, they will identify and repair it! That saves our customers time and money. You don’t need to drive all over town looking for a shop that can perform repairs and inspection for your specific vehicle. We are your one-stop shop!

Safety Inspections

The majority of vehicles on the road in North Carolina are required to pass safety inspections at an approved inspection station. This keeps our roads safe for everyone! Check with the DMV to find a station near you or visit your trusted vehicle support team at A&J Automotive. We are an approved testing station for all makes and models. In order to renew your vehicle’s registration, it must pass a safety inspection, which covers everything from headlights to seatbelts. If our technicians find anything wrong with your vehicle, there’s no need to stress. We’ll tell you exactly what caused your vehicle to fail and offer a solution to fix it. Then, we can retest and get you back on the road!

Contact our shop for more information about car inspections. Call (919) 431-9595 or use our online scheduling system to reserve a time for your vehicle’s inspection. Find us at 5001 Departure Drive off of E. Millbrook Road. We look forward to your visit!