Brake Repair in Raleigh, NC

An Overview of Brake Safety

Thinking About Brakes

The time to think about brake safety is always. Complete brake failure rarely occurs instantly, so making a habit of preventive maintenance service and timely repairs can remedy most problems before they even happen. To ensure that you can operate your vehicle safely and stop in an emergency, count on the ASE-certified technicians at A & J Automotive in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Ensuring Braking Ability

Although it’s easy to mindlessly press the brake pedal, expecting your car to stop, day after day, you should be intentional about thinking through your stopping ability. First, plan ahead for periodic brake inspections at our shop. Second, be observant when you drive. If you begin to hear squealing when you apply brakes, it’s time for brake pad replacement. Likewise, if you detect grinding, a burning scent, or wobbling/vibration as you’re braking, let us have a look. Chances are that you need brake repair. Also, be aware of increased stopping distances that aren’t weather-related, as well as a soft/spongy pedal and/or a pedal that goes too far toward the floor.

Finally, plan for emergencies. Even though nobody wants to imagine this scenario, it’s essential to do so. Always leave adequate room between your vehicle and others. Be aware of your surroundings so that you not only apply brakes in time, but also can quickly identify the best place to steer if your brakes fail. (i.e., Opt for jumping a curb into an empty parking lot rather than ramming a streetside tree or striking pedestrians.) Know where the emergency brake is in the particular model you’re driving. There’s no time to begin a visual search once you’re in a braking crisis.

It’s a Partnership

Think of brake care as a partnership. You must be vigilant and schedule your automobile for its services and repairs. Ours is to perform the work when your vehicle arrives. However, we don’t stop there. Since 1996, A & J Automotive has made the extra effort needed to assure you of a reliable, convenient auto and brake repair experience. We’ve won multiple awards, and a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty covers repair work. Customer conveniences include complimentary local shuttle and loaner cars. You can even drop off your automobile after standard business hours if that better fits your schedule. Best of all, you’ll pay a reasonable rate for uncompromising service.

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