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BMW is a German luxury car brand that is extremely popular in North Carolina and the rest of the United States. For decades, this German-based auto maker has been exporting some of the finest sports and luxury four doors, coupes and SUVs straight to the United States for thousands of avid drivers to enjoy. While BMW is a popular luxury vehicle, they still must go through routine maintenance for their drivers to enjoy optimal performance.

The best way to properly maintain a BMW is to adhere to the manufacturer’s maintenance guidelines. That means performing oil changes, tire rotations and comprehensive inspections when necessary. As with other luxury car brands, BMWs have uniquely complicated computer and electronics systems which can make it difficult to diagnose a problem. A&J Automotive in Raleigh, NC’s technicians have extensive training and experience with all years and models of BMWs, ensuring that any problem you might experience while driving will be diagnosed and fixed correctly while in the shop.

While BMWs are strong and dependable cars, at times their owners experience issues that are common with this manufacturer, just like any other type of car would. One of the most common problems among all models of BMW, including the 3 Series, 5 Series, 7 Series and X Series SUV, is the engine cooling system. When a water pump breaks or coolant begins to leak, a low coolant warning will appear on the dashboard and the car will begin to overheat. In some cases, multiple leaks are the cause of the engine cooling system problem, an issue that must be repaired immediately.

Another common issue experienced by BMW owners is an oil leak. When you begin to smell burning oil while driving or idling in your BMW, that’s a tell-tale sign that your BMW is likely leaking oil. This problem can be caused by a number of different issues, including a broken oil pump, a valve cover gasket leak or a problematic fuel injector. If your BMW ever experiences any of the oil leak symptoms, bring the car into our shop immediately for a full diagnostic and repair service.

BMW has produced many exceptional models throughout the years, From the popular M3, M5 and 3 Series to the X3, X5 and Z Series Convertibles, BMWs are known for their superior road handling and interior luxuries. To enhance your BMW’s performance and receive timely maintenance services, come to A&J Automotive! Call us today at (919) 431-9595 to schedule your next BMW service appointment!