Nanotechnology and how it could impact the auto industry.

An Exciting New Technology Many experts predict that an exciting new technology will make a permanent impact on the automotive industry. The emerging field of nanotechnology has already begun changing auto manufacturing and detailing. Nanotechnol0gy Nanotechnology deals with the science of innovations in the realm of the very small. Even visualizing a nanometer requires some

Automotive Trends

Monitoring Significant Automotive Industry Trends

The Influential Automotive Industry Today, the global automotive industry has reached significant proportions, with some 73.9 million vehicles sold around the world in 2015 alone. In the United States, this sector of the economy remains very large. Automakers produced around 8 million vehicles annually in the USA between 2008 and 2012. Towards the end of

Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation on The Horizon

Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation on The Horizon Seeking Greater Fuel Efficiency And Energy Conservation For several decades, automotive designers have worked hard to develop vehicles offering greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. It appears that 2016 will likely witness the arrival of many of these new, innovative automobiles on the market. Hybrid PHEV

Power steering repair in Raleigh

How Can You Spot a Power Steering Problem?

The ability to steer your vehicle comfortably on the road is an essential part of automobile safety. Power steering enables this by making it significantly easier for you to steer your car especially in emergency situations. The enhanced maneuverability power steering provides makes it essential for smooth and safe drives. The problem is that many

How Engine Lubrication Protects Your Vehicle

Today consumers face a dizzying array of automotive products designed to help maintain engines in great condition. Remembering to schedule regular service checks for your vehicle remains one of the easiest, yet most basic, ways to help extend the lifespan of an engine. Why Engines Require Regular Oil Owners usually realize that they must regularly