Automated High-Tech Safety Features Gain Popularity

Automated High-Tech Safety Features Gain Popularity

Many New Automated Safety Features

As automakers prepare to showcase innovative new fuel-efficient 2017 models, such as the all-electric 2017 Chevy Bolt EV, some sophisticated electronic systems offer improved driving safety features, too. Several technologies introduced into the automotive industry during recent years appear likely to grow even more popular in the future.

Newer Safety Technologies

For example, the Bolt reportedly contains an available option to notify a driver about the presence of pedestrians in front of the vehicle. Many newer model brands in fact during recent years have included options for sophisticated electronic systems that warn drivers about impending forward collisions. Some models also issue alerts about traffic in “blind spot” areas to the rear.

Today, available safety options may include technology to furnish a warning if a driver drifts out of the lane of traffic. Automated parking-assist features in some brands enable easier parallel parking. Optional back-up cameras offer a valuable aid in numerous driving situations. Whether you seek to exit in reverse onto a crowded street or you must navigate through a busy shopping mall parking lot, automated on-board cameras can provide useful assistance.

The Expansion of Existing Safety Features

Considerable recent publicity surrounded several recalls due to faulty airbags. Yet the media has sometimes failed to mention recent significant expansions in the use of airbags by modern auto designers that enhance safety. In addition to front airbags, a growing number of automobiles now include side airbags to help safeguard the occupants of a moving vehicle against devastating side impact collisions. At least one manufacturer even offers special airbags to protect a driver’s knees during collisions.

Some auto designers have also implemented new stabilizing technologies. These features help drivers remain in control by preventing vehicles from rolling easily. The development of front-rear crumpling zones designed to absorb collision impacts promise enhanced safety for thousands of drivers and passengers, also. Established satellite communications capabilities, such as the celebrated OnStar system, continue ensuring that emergency responders can locate vehicles after roadway mishaps reliably. All these automated systems ultimately help promote safer driving.

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