Quality Air Conditioning Service in Raleigh, NC

Your AC Repair Specialists--A&J Automotive

Diagnosing your AC System

Although Raleigh temperatures don’t get too high, the humidity can be rough. In order to escape the muggy weather, you need to make sure that the air conditioning unit in your vehicle is working properly at all times. When your vehicle’s air conditioning goes out, it can quickly make a bad situation worse, so let our experienced technicians at A&J Automotive repair it for you. Your comfort behind the wheel starts with the appropriate air temperature. Controlling the climate in your vehicle’s cabin is must year-round, especially duing the summer.

Fixing AC Fluid Leaks

Your air conditioning unit has many different parts, so it’s important to have qualified technicians diagnosing it. Our experienced staff knows AC systems inside and out, so we can assure you that we’ll figure out exactly what’s wrong so you’re not paying for parts that you don’t need. Although it’s possible that the AC compressor may have gone out, this is the most expensive part of the assembly, so we want to make sure that there’s nothing else causing your air to blow hot. Your vehicle might have a leak coming from one of the AC lines, so we’ll add a fluorescent dye to the system, let it run and then use a black light to see if any of the fluid has leaked out. Most AC units are sealed systems, so we can repair the leak or simply recharge your system if the leak is minor to save you some money.

Electrical Repairs

Your air conditioning unit also has a lot of electrical components that could be causing your problem. There’s the assembly inside of your vehicle that’s wired to the system to make it function properly. You also have a blower motor that may have gone out, which means your air conditioning is working fine, but the fan isn’t blowing the cool air into the car. You also have different actuators behind your dashboard that turn doors in order to adjust the temperature from hot to cold. Our staff is capable of diagnosing all of these components to ensure that we fix the right problem.