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Hot and Cold: What About an Auto AC that Can’t Make Up its Mind?


You’re counting on your vehicle’s air conditioner to work when the weather turns hot. If it needs to be fixed, however, you might feel an alternating warm and cool air pattern. That might leave you asking, “Really? Can’t you make up your mind, A/C?” If you find yourself in this predicament, stop questioning your car’s A/C and bring it to the attention of the ASE-certified technicians at A & J Automotive in Raleigh, North Carolina.

What Are You Doing?

Before you become so frustrated that you ask your automobile what it’s doing, let us review a few common AC issues. Your car’s cooling system uses a refrigerant that cycles through gas and liquid forms. One component that’s key to this process is the expansion valve. True to its name, the expansion valve takes away pressure from the refrigerant in its liquid phase, allowing it to expand back into gas form in the evaporator. If the expansion valve goes bad, it may improperly regulate the flow (allowing too much or too little to pass through). This could explain the alternating warm and cool air.

Similarly, the refrigerant must pass through the compressor. This component cycles on and off at the appropriate times using the compressor clutch. If this part is failing, it may not engage. The air you get inside the passenger cabin may be cool at first, then quickly turn warm because the compressor cannot come on to change the state of the refrigerant. If your system leaks, you will lose necessary refrigerant. Once the level becomes too low, the air flowing from your vents will not be cool enough. Occasionally, your vehicle will blow a fuse. If this occurs with a fuse that controls the air conditioner, your system will not work.

Can You Please Tame the Air Conditioner?

When you entrust your vehicle’s AC to A & J Automotive, you won’t have to question our abilities or integrity. Yes, we can tame your wayward air conditioner. We’ve been doing that with an added measure of customer care since we opened in 1996. A 36-month/36,000-mile warranty covers our award-winning work. Along with the option of early drop-off, you can also take advantage of our free local shuttle and loaner cars. And, of course, our rates are always reasonable.

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