3 Things You Need to Know Before Oil Changes

What to Consider

Car maintenance has changed over the past few decades. It used to be that your car needed an oil change at around 3,000 miles, but with better quality oil and parts, some cars can go much longer between oil changes. Here are four tips about oil changes from the pros at A & J Automotive in Raleigh, North Carolina that can help you be wiser about car maintenance.

Check Your Owner’s Manual

Yes, the owner’s manual of your vehicle is dry reading, but it gives a lot of information about your car. Newer cars have reminders to alert drivers when the oil needs to be changed. Pay attention to your car’s needs for best performance. Your owner’s manual will tell you how to keep your car running at its best.

When Should You Check the Oil?

It’s recommended to check the oil every month. Set a reminder in your phone to do some basic service on your car. While you’re checking the oil, you can also do a pressure check on your tires. Check the other fluids. Look for leaks. Newer cars may not have a dipstick but use electronic monitors. If the oil is low, you’ll need to top it off. Check the color of the oil, it should be brown or black without impurities. You’ll want to get your mechanic to take a look if there are metal flakes in the oil or if it appears cloudy.

What Type of Oil Should You Buy?

Use the oil recommended by the manufacturer (details can be found in your owner’s manual). You probably don’t need synthetic oil unless the manufacturer recommends it. If you use your vehicle for towing or deal with extreme cold or hot temperatures, synthetic oil holds up better. Some makes of cars, Toyota and Volkswagen, may also function better with synthetic oil because the oil reduces sludge buildup. But synthetic oil does cost much more than regular oil. Check with your mechanic to see if it’s worth the investment.

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Written by A & J Automotive

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