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Left of Center- Wheel Alignment Problems

Tire Alignment Problems Manifest Themselves In Different WaysInevitable vehicle problems, such as wheel alignment problems, are to be expected, but can be avoided with proper vehicle maintenance. Common signs of wheel alignment problems can be caused by environmental conditions or even owner neglect.

Signs of Alignment Problems

Wheel alignment problems can be visually spotted, even by an untrained eye. These visual signs include:

  • Uneven Tire Tread Wear
  • Tires Tilted In or Leaning Outward (Toe-in or Toe-out)
  • Off Centered Steering Wheel

Tire alignment problems can cause the vehicle to pull to either side of the road on a straight-away.

Common Causes of Alignment Problems

Improper wheel alignments can cause a rapid deterioration of your vehicle’s most valuable assets, your tires. Other common types of alignment problems stem from:

  • Poor Road Conditions (Pot Holes)
  • Front End or Rear End Wrecks

Wheel alignment problems can be avoided with regular vehicle maintenance. Routine auto maintenance at your local A&J Automotive is a great way to catch any tire alignment problems in their early stages.

The Importance of Immediate Tire Alignments

Experts agree that wheel alignments should be performed within the first 3,000 miles of a new tire installation, and every 6000 miles afterwards. This ensures your vehicle undergoes:

  • Maximum Tire Wear
  • Optimum Tire Performance and Balance

Ignoring alignment problems will eventually lead to out-of-balance problems and possible costly undercarriage damage to your vehicle. With two convenient Raleigh NC location the professional ASE Certified technicians at A&J Automotive make it easy to keep your car well maintained at all times. If you suspect your vehicle is having alignment issues don’t delay! Call or contact us to schedule your wheel alignment service today!

Departure Drive (919) 431-9595

Wilders Grove (919) 212-1085

Some of our Raleigh NC area auto maintenance & repair services:

  • A/C Repair & Service
  • Alignments & Suspension
  • Brake Service & Repair
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • Clutch Repair & Service
  • Cooling System Service & Repair
  • Electrical System Repair
  • Emission Repair Facility
  • Engine / Transmission Repair
  • NC State Inspections
  • Power Window & Door Lock Repair
  • Transmission Repair & Service
  • Tune Ups & Oil Changes
  • Wheel Alignment


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The guys always do a great job and are always very helpful. And the prices are fair. As a natural skeptic, I feel completely as ease bringing them my car every time. I recommend them to all of my friends.

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They recommended I have my tires rotated and re-aligned. I had recently had them re-aligned by another company and the previous company had not done a great job. A & J did a wonderful job fixing the problem. I drove my car out of the A & J lot and felt like I was driving a new car. On top of that, I feel A & J is cou...

They are true professiona...

They are true professionals at A&J. I would recommend this shop to anyone who wants a Master Mechanic who will be straightforward and honest about what work needs to be done on their vehicle. Not to mention, you can trust that the work will be done right. Thanks, Ray, we appreciate your help.

I have been taking my car...

I have been taking my cars to A&J Automotive almost from when they first opened their first shop, because of their integrity and excellent service. They are consistently the best I have ever known.

i prefer to find value in...

i prefer to find value in the things i buy and on the services i pay for; one can always find things cheap but it's value is lacking. A and J has consistently provided my family and our vehicles with honest and value priced service. such is the case, again , on our most recent visits with both of our cars. i particularly like th...

Same day diagnosis and tu...

Same day diagnosis and turnaround. I had a simple AC recharge so nothing complicated and they did not try to force additional services like other shops. While I am not looking forward to more repairs I am glad to have found a place that seems to put the customer first. They earned a repeat customer today.

Great service and profess...

Great service and professionalism.

My visit to your shop was...

My visit to your shop was good as always i appreciate that you take the time to do a through inspection of my vehicle and informed me of a problem with my air filter even though i can in for a oil change. Thanks, Eric B.

Consistent, timely, depen...

Consistent, timely, dependable.

I have great confidence t...

I have great confidence that the team at A&J can diagnose and quickly fix any problem with any car. Everyone I have cone into contact with has been most professional and easy to communicate with. I will be bringing my car back anytime there is an issue.

Again, thanks for the pro...

Again, thanks for the professional manner in which you serviced my car.

As always, I was very ple...

As always, I was very pleased with my service.

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Requested service was done in a quick efficient manner.

Great service. Great prof...

Great service. Great professional environment. Provided a loaner car for me to use to get to/from work until car was ready. Very fair rates for service. Great integrity and honesty in service offered. Very communicative before, during and after work is completed. Treats your vehicle as if it is their personal vehicle. One of the...

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Trying to isolate the cause of the "Service Engine Soon" warning light took quite a long time, but the technician finally traced it and replace the part. The technicians always look for potential risks for failure on the vehicle. He had seen an issue with another part and replaced them as well, but the cost was minimal, consider...

I have always had friendl...

I have always had friendly and courteous service. They have kept my car running smoothly for years!

Great, as always!!

Great, as always!!

A&J is always willing to ...

A&J is always willing to take my cars for either troubleshooting the cause of a problem and solving it or just to perform a needed oil change. Today, as I always, I was very satisfied with the result. Thanks.

I am so appreciative that...

I am so appreciative that someone's eyes found the small nail in my tire and that it is fixed now

A&J Automotive worked on ...

A&J Automotive worked on my car in a timely manner. The staff was friendly and courteous. I did not have to wait a long time. The waiting room was comfortable and I was offered a beverage while I waited. Thanks for the work you did! I would recommend A&J to my friends and family.

I would recommend A & J t...

I would recommend A & J to everyone. The service is speedy and efficient, the assessments are accurate and honest, and it is the cleanest and friendliest auto service business I have ever visited. Following my last visit I was surprised to receive a useful re-usable bag full of goodies...a holiday gift. Thank you A & J a...

My scruffy but faithful T...

My scruffy but faithful Toyota Corolla and I agree that the service provided by A&J Automotive is efficient, pleasant and compassionate. Fresh hot coffee and crossword puzzles in the immaculate waiting area provide a welcoming, refined atmosphere and I have yet to meet an employee, either out front or from the inside work ar...

A&J always takes good car...

A&J always takes good care of me quickly and at a fair price.